Project Profile: Underview

Madison Beith

BA (Hons) Fashion

For space tourists, stowage space is limited, creating the need for garments that can be worn in different ways. This dress is designed to be worn more than one way, with two full circle skirts layered on top of a bodysuit. The top layer can lift and sit on the shoulders, with the arms free to move through two cut out circles on this layer. Alternatively, this upper circle can be lowered to add a second layer to the skirt. The structured shape lifts and creates an hourglass shape on the body and alludes to the idea of zero gravity no matter what environment it is worn in.


In the final garment, the underside of the skirts will be brightly coloured. The bright colours  underneath and only be seen when worn in the weightless environment, since the weightless wearer will be viewed from any angle. The clean cut circle dress with lift naturally when in space, as a reaction to the weightless environment. This will reveal the bright warm colour tones underneath, when the dress is lifting and moving it will reveal these colours that won’t be visible when worn on earth.

underview-madison beith

The base of the garment is a body suit. This further takes into consideration how the garment will be viewed from all different angles, and the skirt lifted away from the body, potentially exposing the view from below the skirt. The bodysuit preserves the modesty of the wearer in these conditions.


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