Project Profile: Through the Wormhole

Nicola de Main

Lecturer, BA(Hons) Fashion

Nicola de Main led the Fashion students in their Weightlessness project, and contributes to ongoing Spacewear research with Barbara Brownie.

This neckpiece was inspired by the deformation of gravitational waves as they twist into a wormhole. Gravitational waves can be depicted as a grid, allowing us to study and quantify the ways in which they are distorted by the gravity of nearby planets and other astronomical objects. The pattern, printed on laser-cut and heat-sealed layers, features a deformed grid. As the wearer travels into space, weightlessness will cause the pattern to be malformed, so that it doubles as a way of recording the precise and quantifiable distortion of the fabric.

nicola illustration

The colours are selected from footage of SpaceX’s Starman, a space-suited mannequin that was launched into space inside a Tesla car in February 2018. The mannequin can be seen floating through space towards Mars, with the whole Earth silently drifting behind it. Blues and grey have been sampled from the footage and applied to the pattern for the neckpiece.

When weightless, the circular sections of the neckpiece will float upwards and outwards, framing the face as if the wearer is falling through a wormhole. Toggles attached to the neckpiece offer the wearer the opportunity to control the shape and movement, for style and safety.



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