Project Profile: The Overview

“Awe is a word you have a better understanding of once you’ve seen Earth from space”

– Astronaut, The Overview Effect

Hayley Elliott

BA(Hons) Fashion

On Earth, we take many things for granted, and we tend to overlook the beauty that surrounds us. Astronauts, on the other hand, have experienced The Overview Effect. The Overview Effect is the realisation of Earth as a planet, looking at it from space. Only few get to experience this first hand, therefore my intentions for this luxury outfit for a weightless environment, is to recreate this delicacy on Earth, in the form of fashion.


Inspired by draping, this outfit consists of a top and trouser two-piece. The top has a backless silhouette with an oversized tie whilst the trousers are designed around ruffles; 7 ruffles have been layered to create a wide silhouette that will be aesthetically pleasing both in and outside of gravity. The colour palette for this luxury outfit is simplistic: Monochrome tones are the key, showcasing subtle pops of pink hues under layers of white ruffles.

Whilst this outfit has been designed for weightlessness, the layers of delicate fabric that forms its silhouette ensures that the wearer will feel awe both with her feet on the ground, and seeing Earth as the intricate planet it truly is.

Look Book The Overview


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