Project Profile: Sphere

Jamie Christopher Fautley

BA(Hons) Industrial Design

Sustaining life in the vacuum of space has been a difficult task for humankind for centuries, but with recent advancements in aerospace technologies it seems commercial space travel is just over the horizon. Evidently the next hurdle is domesticating space ready for tourists with very little expertise in the particular field. At first this may seem like a simple task but the physical properties of a weightless environment can cause some interesting design challenges.

Sphere creates an environment capable of sustaining plant life within microgravity. Not only does the Sphere allow plant life to thrive – it also exploits the near weightlessness environment, which is exclusive to space exploration, and turns a standard flower arrangement into a 360 degree display.

Concentrating on the fundamentals that allow plants to blossom within earth’s atmosphere, the Sphere makes the slight modifications required to provide a habitat in the new surroundings. This habitat has the ability to not only aid, but encourage the growth of plants.


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