Project Profile: Oculus

Elaine Yee-Lin-Tan, Wey Wey, and Emily Tiu-Yee-Herng

BA(Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

Oculus is a world-view capsule designed to offer passengers a 360° view of space. Oculus brings the outside inside with holographics, so that the interior feels like space itself.

view 4 (high res) squareAn uninterrupted view of space is made possible by a live projection fed from externally mounted cameras. While large windows offer a view on all sides of the cabin, that view is extended through holographic projection to cover all interior surfaces, giving passengers the sensation that they are floating in open space.

While the passengers are weightless, the floor opens so that their chairs may be retracted into a stowage area at the base of the craft. This leaves the main cabin free of obstructions that could hinder passengers’ experience of weightlessness.The large circular window frames become handles so that passengers may ground themselves while weightless.


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