Project Profile: EYEx

Bartek Lang

BA(Hons) Industrial Design

EYEx is a solution to the problem of limited visibility and small windows on commercial/regular spacecrafts caused by low pressure in space and high temperatures whilst leaving or entering the atmosphere. It allows travellers to be separated from the main spaceship, to float as if alone in space, while still tethered safely to the mother ship.

Bartek lang

EYEx is a space capsule that allows you to experience the real freedom and breathtaking, clear view of space during commercial flights. Thanks to rotating upper part of the capsule, you get to see space from every angle. The capsule can be released once spacecraft leaves the atmosphere and is connected to it using a thick, strong “cable” which transports electricity and oxygen to the capsule. The main body is made out of Microlattice which keeps the capsule lightweight and durable, and the window is made out of strong acrylic glass with UV protection that withstands high temperatures and low pressure.

EYEx offers the unique experience of an intimate environment in the vastness of space, to share with another person, a chance for contemplation and an awe-inspiring view.



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