Project Profile: Between Space and Earth

Eva Macijauskaite

BA(Hons) Fashion

I have designed a garment fitted to wear in a microgravity environment. The weightless dress is fitted tightly at the top of the body, and is very light at the bottom. The skirt is constructed from a few layers of chiffon. The cuffs of the sleeves are made the same way, giving it an other-worldly feel. Due to the layering and lightweight fabric the skirt and cuffs easily lift up when the body becomes weightless, and the garment adopts a floral shape and floats gracefully around the body.

The colors of the design are chosen to remind the wearer of their Earth home. The bright blue represents the ocean and golden brown resembles sandy beaches. These two colors will make a symbolic connection between the space and home planet Earth. The connection to Earth is further reinforced by the quality of the movement of the chiffon. The light and graceful motion of the fabric will replicate the waves of seas and oceans that may be familiar on Earth but could be forgotten out there in space.


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