Project Profile: Constellation

Ng Chin Mei, Chuah Gaik Wah

BA(Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

The Constellation space capsule is inspired by the stars of our galaxy. The interior wall of the capsule is divided into irregular triangles, and at their intersections are fibre optic lights representing the stars. In this way, the external view of space is brought inside the spacecraft. Passengers are surrounded by stars, both inside the capsule, and outside the triangular windows.

On take-off, passengers recline in seats. On entering weightlessness, the seats collapse into the floor, so that passengers are free to float around the cabin. The fibre optic lights, along with LED strip lighting in the floor, trace a map of the stars. Passengers who are disoriented by weightlessness can use these lights to orient and guide themselves within the cabin. When the cabin re-enters Earth’s gravity, the LED strip lights will guide the passengers safely back to their seats.

Passengers will view the Earth and space through triangular windows that consist of 3 layers of tempered aluminosillicate glass and fused sillica glass. The outer layer of fused silica is for withstanding heat as high as 1200 celsius during fluctuations in temperature outside the craft.

The remainder of the constellation within the spacecraft’s interior will be irregular triangles of Solimide Foam-AC550H, coated in semi-aniline leather. The foam pads will create a cushioned interior surface which is safe for weightless passengers.

constellation sketch rearranged small


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